Welcome to Vice Sport. We are a small, NZ business preparing to make waves with innovative and significant, science-backed leaps in performance technologies.

I was ignorant of the benefits of Grip Socks for a long time. Since becoming an advocate I couldn't help but think of how they could be improved. So I founded Vice Sport, with the goal of creating the best pair of socks I could. Months of prototyping, and a fair chunk of change later (prototypes as it turns out aren't cheap) I made the first version of the Vice Sport website.

I hope you too will find great benefits from grips socks as I have and it means a lot that you are considering joining the professional and amateur athletes wearing Vice Sport. 


Why Grip Socks

Grips socks are now widely used in sport across the globe due to their benefits on and off the field. 

Well known benefits include:

1 - Helping your shoe fit better 

Grip socks help your shoe fit better, as your foot sweats you may find that your shoe becomes looser and you start to lose traction between your shoe and sock. Grip socks increase the friction between your shoe and sock improving your movements until the final whistle.

2- Help your feet stay dry
Sport socks may not be as high quality as grip socks and  usually get worn after a couple of uses, so they get thinner on the sole and around the toes and when your feet sweat, they do not absorb it, which is not only uncomfortable but also not recommended to avoid blisters.   
3- Help to prevent unwanted injuries
Grip socks can reduce the impact your feet are exposed to when playing sport by keeping the feet in the right position without making you feel it very tight and uncomfortable. This can avoid injuries which are a constant threat to players.